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I was the proverbial "middle child" in an educated and successful middle-class two-parent family (picture "The Huxtables"). To that end, I developed a penchant for storytelling (alright, I was a master of the "little white lie" and was constantly in "meetings" with various school officials).  Despite these early distractions, shall we say, I was in numerous school plays, excelled in academics (Honor society), and played on the varsity tennis, lacrosse, and football teams. (Have I mentioned yet that I get bored easily...)


Between frequent brewery tours and countless "quality control inspections of various and sundry neighborhood beverage vending establishments" in Milwaukee, Wisconsin, I graduated from Marquette University with a B.S. in Mechanical/Industrial Engineering. During this time, I was a 4-year captain (and Mid-West All-star) for the Marquette Lacrosse team.  After college and between frequent visits to the French Quarter and countless "quality control inspections of various and sundry neighborhood beverage and food vending establishments" in New Orleans, Louisiana, I graduated from Tulane Law School with a specialization in maritime law and concentrations in both civil and common law.  (Notice a pattern?)


After starting and running an outrageously successful finance and political law firm for several years in California and Louisiana, I moved to New York City to expand my horizons and "run with the big dogs." (Cue Frank Sinatra's "New York, New York").   


However, upon my New York debut, I experienced firsthand the horrors and aftermath of 9/11.  On that day, I vowed to return to my true passion, acting.  To that end and upon the recommendation of the esteemed NY Casting Director Ms. Judy Henderson of the hit Showtime television show "Homeland", I graduated from the prestigious William Esper Studio- Two Year Professional Actor Training Program in New York City (voted one of the "Top 25 Drama Schools in the World" by The Hollywood Reporter (THR), three years running).  


Since graduation from Esper Studio, I have co-starred in numerous network television shows, major film projects and national commercials.  In between auditioning for various television, film and commercial roles and practicing finance law on behalf of several global investment banks, I still find time for fitness and "quality control inspections of various and sundry neighborhood beverage and food vending establishments" in New York City.  (I guess old habits die hard.)


By the way, if you have some extra time and care to read the list of the "Top 25 Drama Schools in the World", click any of the buttons below.

















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